Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sun At Last!

Last night we slept with the ac on. Using just the quilt and we both slept great! We may have to try that tonight.

I had another medical appointment this morning, the dreaded mammogram....Anne drove me so we could go to Feldmans for some Booze, lunch out and picking up some groceries. Well we got the booze but no lunch out. Scotty needed some wax for the roof of his rig and he was on a roll.

We stopped at Walmart for the wax and headed home. We were both hungry so we just ate at home. Saved some money I guess.

Jim was down off our roof, he got it washed and got the back end washed. He figures if he does a bit at a time it will get done before we leave the valley.

This is the rose bush outside our door, it is loaded with buds and each day more roses open.

After lunch Anne and I headed to Walmart over in Pinitas. We had fun looking at clothes, dishes, rugs and appliances. Then we got serious and picked up our groceries. Next stop was the post office, then home.

I had time to put away my purchases, make burger patties and cook some Brussel sprouts. Then it was next door for some iced coffee with Kahlua! Since the sun had been out all afternoon we needed a cold drink to cool off.

within the hour no one cared if we ate but we had the food ready so Jim got the grill going and Anne cooked some tater tots and I sauteed the sprouts. Before long we had our plates filled with good food and guess what? We cleaned up our plates. We also had some grilled pineapple for dessert.

Then it was home to do the dishes. But we didn't have hot water so Anne and I went for a walk to take advantage of the nice weather. While out I found more flowers to share with you.

the citrus trees are blooming, I think this is an orange tree

Not sure what this bush is called, but it sure is pretty

this is a red rose although the color is a bit off

I used to know the name of this tree, but it escapes me just now. The yellow flowers are coming out more each day.
We stopped to visit with Karen and Dave. They're hosting a spaghetti dinner for our group tomorrow and we checked on the time.
Got home to find Jim had done the dishes for me! Washed, dried and put away. Thanks sweetie, I love you!
We watched NCIS and the NCIS show that follows it. Now White Collar on USA.

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver