Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rapidly passing days!

Only a few days left before we leave. The resort is emptying out as friends a neighbors leave. Some are heading home, like Karen and Dave who left this morning. They'll make a stop to visit Karen's brother then head for Michigan where they live.

Jim dismantled our patio yesterday, taking down all the screens. Looks bare out there without our extra room.

Not sure if I posted a picture of my pony tail palm. We've decided to leave the cactus pot behind. It will be well taken care of and we'll reclaim it when we return to Bentsen Palm RV Resort in October.
Spring is here and more and more each day we see blooms. Anne and I saw some Texas Bluebells on highway 83 in Pinitas. I've never seen them in the wild.

After working hard all day Jim grilled our dinner last night. Chicken and zucchini. It sure was yummy. Sliced tomatoes to top it and a couple garlic olives.
Our evening was spent watching TV and playing games on the computers.

Well pleaseth me the sweet time of Easter That maketh the leaf and the flower come out. ~Bertran de Born