Friday, May 4, 2018

It's about time...

We left Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort around 1000 last Tuesday, May 1st.  We both took our time getting ready to leave, several days in fact.  We were delayed by rain and wet conditions.  A few days prior to our departure Jim finished the slide repair and replacing the insulation and installing the belly pan.  I don’t think he wants to crawl under the rig ever again!

Our drive took us up Conway to Monte Cristo over to Edinburgh where we hopped on Highway 281.  Then the long boring road to take us north began.  Passed through the checkpoint without a hitch.  Stopped in Falfurrias for lunch. We always eat in the rig.  I had salad and Jim had a chicken sandwich.  Not sure what highway we took from there....77 maybe, but eventually we made it to Corpus Christi.  Hung a right heading east where just before you catch the highway to Mustang Island, you turn left to go to the Naval Air Station.

The campground on the base is located on the bay and it’s a favorite.  While setting up Jim got an invitation to happy hour at the clubhouse.  All we had to bring was wine, food was provided.  Our neighbors Paula and Joe are very nice.  They proceeded to tell us all about their plans for the next few days and included us if interested.  Tomorrow, for Cinco de Mayo,  they’re cooking fajitas for anyone who wants them.  Others are bringing sides.  At this point I don't know if we're going.

Anyway we enjoyed the food, wine and company but headed home before they broke out the dice game. We were tired and ready to relax.  I’m sure all had a good time without us.

Wednesday we went shopping and enjoyed pizza at B & J’s Pizza and Brew Pub.   Tried a new brew Austin Eastcider grapefruit.  Very tasty!  After a run to HEB we headed home.

Thursday we also went shopping...Jim is looking for another grill.  I can’t remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday but we also went to the mall to get some walking inside out of the wind.  Oh, did I mention we’ve had gale force winds the past few days?  Could hardly get in and out of the rig safely.

Today the winds were under twenty miles an hour so we went to Mustang Island and Port Aransas.  Drove around a bit, headed to the beach (where you can drive on the beach).  Found a place to park and we walked the beach.  Several folks were enjoying the shore but the surf was rough and the red flag was flying.  It was good to smell the salt air and dig my toes in the sand.

We had lunch at Fins Grill and Icehouse overlooking the marina.  We sat outside enjoying our drinks and sandwiches.  Jim tried the Austin Eastcider Pineapple they had on draft.  It's pretty good too.  I had a Ziegenbock.  

There are areas of Mustang Island where they're still recovering from the hurricane.  But for the most part it's business as usual.. Island life, if you live there you just clean up and start again!

We'll stay here until next Tuesday when we'll continue north to Spring Branch, just outside San Antonio.  We stayed there last year.

All is right in our world

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