Monday, February 12, 2018

Internet Gods

I continue to make cards and I just love this paper.  Reminds me of the shore. 

Awhile back my Dell laptop died, again. So we went to Best Buy to price out a new one.  We ended up getting  a Lenovo all in one.  The size of the screen appealed to both of us. As did the price.  It sits on the dining room table along with Jim’s laptop.  A year ago when we bought our recliners I lost my way to sit comfortably with my laptop.  So we’ve been sharing the table. I think we need a proper desk!

Since the resort is so full the free WiFi is very, very slow and at times goes away completely.  We do have a hotspot on our phones and plenty of data so we’ve had to use it.  But! At times even that is slow and goes away.   Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to access a website and all it does is spin?The internet gods must not like this area or perhaps it’s the lousy weather.

Yesterday I mention the cold’s here.  About 46 degrees outside at 0830.  All gray and gloomy outside.  Just a slight breeze.  I’m not sure how many tanks of propane we’ve used this winter. I’m sure it’s more than we’ve used in the last two years.

Warmed up (if you can call it that) to a balmy 55.  But no sunshine.

Dinner is Mexican Rice and cornbread

All is right in our world

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