Saturday, May 12, 2018

relaxing day at home

We had a lazy day at home today.  This past week has been busy.

Tuesday we left Corpus Christi for an uneventful drive to Spring Branch Texas.  The weather was perfect.  Mostly drove on the interstate and we stopped once for lunch.

As it happens we are in the same site at Spring Branch RV Park as we had last year.  This is a comfortable place to stay.

That evening we met Sara Jane and Jerry at Max's down the road.  We had already eaten but enjoyed a cold adult beverage with Jim's cousin and her husband.  We made plans to join them Thursday evening for dinner.

Wednesday we were the God and Goddess of the domicile.  I did laundry, ironed, dishes were dirtied and cleaned.  Not even sure of what we ate.  We've dined out so much that leftovers were stacked in the fridge!

Thursday we hung out and did very little.  Our dinner at a steakhouse was delicious and more adult beverages were had.  My companions all had small steaks while I chose salmon.  I even had leftovers...enjoyed those today.

Yesterday we drove into San Antonio to visit the Pearl Brewery  The brewery closed in 2001 and they've turned it into shopping complex with condos and dining.  W also went to the Quarry where we had lunch at J. Alexander's, great food!  Then it was across the way to Whole Foods Market (my favorite grocery store).  Didn't spend much because I was stuffed from lunch.

Back home Jim napped and I chilled...thus you have our week.

We've decided to stay her until Memorial Day is behind us.  Jim looked online and most places were booked...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms...

All is right in our world

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