Friday, March 31, 2017

Where Were You?

A year Ago?   When you travel it's hard to remember exactly but by keeping this blog up to date I know we were still in Stuart Florida...we both like that town and area.  I miss the weekly Farmer's Market

Last Tuesday was the last visit by the produce guy.  I bought a fresh pineapple for three dollars!  All I had to do was slice it.  They have this handy, dandy machine that takes the outer 'peel' off and cores it too.  Also bought a cucumber (which I found frozen in the drawer!)

Our resort is emptying out.  Pretty soon we'll have the place almost to ourselves!  Right now we plan on leaving in June.  Doctor appointments and repairs need to be completed.  Some of the work campers will linger for a few days and then they'll hit the road too.

We're off to have pizza with the Scott's, soon they'll be leaving too

All is right in our world