Monday, August 29, 2016

Woodstock Vermont

Yesterday we headed out for Woodstock Vermont.  We'd driven through it a couple times on our way east to other destinations and it looked interesting with shops and many folks wandering around.  The town isn't all that big with around 3000 people living there.  It is the county seat and that includes all the official buildings associated with judicial procedures.  I'm impressed with how the town officials have made the place a destination, apparently year round.

They even have a small wooden bridge

Because we spend most of our time in southern states I find interesting things in these northern states.  Like snow shovels out in the really expect snow?  Of course this was outside the Post Office and they must be prepared for everything.

This lovely building is the Library, on the Green

Next door is the courthouse

Another lovely thing about small towns, they seem to find the funds and people to tend the flowers that are found everywhere

Private home on the Green

Down the street we saw lovely gardens with overflowing gardens

Hard to read, but this is the Yankee Bookstore.  Not all that old, established in 1935

We had a nice lunch at Mon Vert Bistro.  We both had sandwiches and Jim had a beer while I had lemonade.

We popped into several shops.  The Flannel store was an eye opener.  Even though I was born in Michigan I don't recall flannel being so thick!  It would be way to heavy for the chilly nights we sometimes encounter.

The general store, Gillingham has been around since 1886 and has just about everything you need from food to wine and beer.  It may not have a large selection of any one thing,  but you can buy clothes, toys and gifts along with candy and local Vermont syrup.  Fun place to browse.

Just outside of town is the Farmers Market where you can get fresh produce when in season and looks big enough to be a regular grocery store too.  We stopped in to check it out but I think all the locals were stocking up for the week so we left.  Very crowded!

Before we left town we headed up the mountain to Sugarbush Farm.  The drive up was winding and after a bit was dirt or gravel.  A beautiful drive through the dappled, sunlit trees.  We did find some washboard areas that made for a bumpy ride in our truck! For whatever reasons they've stopped the dairy side of the farm and gone commercial.  We tasted several cheeses made from local milk and then had some samples of maple syrup. Did you know there are four different grades of syrup?  It depends on when the sap was taken.  First run is the most delicate, as the season progresses the syrup gets darker in colors and tastier.  In the next room they had samples from other Vermont companies and of course they sold jars, bottles and wedges of cheese

All in all it was a lovely afternoon.

Anne and Scotty arrived home last night just in time to see a lovely sunset.  They had a good time in North Carolina with family.

All is right in our world!