Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

Not much going on here in West Haven Vermont.  When we stay at home we spend our time reading, gaming and doing internet stuff.

Sunday was a day of rest.  Watched movies and had some rain.  Monday when it finally cleared up we had cooler temperatures.  I'm all for that!  Jim started the day in shorts but changed mid day.  

I guess that was a signal to nap....when he got up we went into Whitehall to retrieve our tires.  We stopped in the Green Mountain Market for some groceries.  Next stop was in Fair Haven where Jim went to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription....didn't happen because of policy changes in Tri Care.  I stopped in Shaw's for some lettuce and lemons

Back home in time to feed Boo.  I walked next door and picked up some corn on the cob for out dinner.  Jim had Lasagna, Caesar salad and bread for dinner while I just had the salad and corn on the cob.

Last night the temperature dipped into the 50's which made sleeping wonderful.  I can't remember when we last had the AC on.  Because of the cooler temperatures Jim did some trimming today.  Tidied up our previous site and our current site.  Everything looks ever so nice!

We sat out this afternoon and noticed a lack of birds.  We have mostly sparrows and a few doves now.  We saw one or two American Goldfinches, a pair of Rufous sided Towhees, a female Rose Breasted Gros Beak, a BlueJay and one lonely chip monk.

Maybe the birds and critters know Miss Anne is gone!

The cooler weather always brings mice into the rig and last night we caught one in our trap.  I only hope it's the dude that woke me up this morning scratching away in the ceiling!  When we were in south Florida we learned about these traps and I highly recommend them!  Worth every penny they cost.

All is right in our world