Sunday, August 21, 2016

Outlet Shopping

Yesterday we drove into Whitehall New York to drop off the tires for 'adjustment'.  Not having any plans other than laundry I suggested we drive to the outlet mall in Lake George.

We plugged the destination into the GPS and off we go.For the most part it was on roads we've traveled, but Ethyl (GPS) had us turn on Glen Lake Road.  Very nice!  Water on the left, homes and trees making dappled sunlight filter down.  One place was overloaded with flower beds just bursting with color and turns out it's a restaurant!  We find a place to turn around and headed back to have some lunch.  The Docksider has a decent menu with reasonable prices considering the location.  I expected higher prices!

This was our view from our corner table on the porch.  As you can see there is seating outside for sun lovers.  Jim ordered a seafood entree that came with salad, corn on the cob, bread and fries.  I opted for a sandwich and we both had draft beer.  Mine was new to me, Flower Power IPA from Ithaca Beer Company, it was good.  I wanted to take my glass home just for the logo!

After lunch we continued on to the Adirondack Outlet Mall.  It's mostly outdoors and we walked in and out of some shops, not buying anything until we reached the New Balance store.  I've been looking for black walking shoes since last winter when mine died.  Found a pair!  And the pricing was buy one get another pair 50% Jim found a pair too.  Managed to spend less than $100 for two pair of walking shoes. 

Our drive home was pleasant and once home I got busy with laundry....sheet day is always fun.  Finally got everything done and the bed made

Our evening was spent watching TV, gaming and checking Facebook (me)

This morning I only saw one story about the flooding in Louisiana and it was the British Daily Post.  I guess it's old news and not important any longer.  Yet the folks affected by it are cleaning up and working their tails off.

All is right in our world