Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life Update

Just wanted to let y'all know that Jim is finally over his cold.  I think all the meds and better eating habits kept him from being really sick...Just saying you should eat more veggies.  He never lost his appetite and the cold didn't go into his chest.

He has a followup appointment on the 6th and I'm sure he'll get his walking papers.  After this last stress test he was told the doctor would call if there was a problem.  No call....

Sonsearae and Chris are heading to Tallahassee next Wednesday to find an apartment.  She's been packing up her household and I must say she's doing a spectacular job.  

Once they return Saturday or Sunday we'll get ready to leave  and pull out the first week in March.  To that end Jim has been getting things ready.  He cleaned off the hitch and installed in the truck bed.  He's got a plan in place to secure the fridge but that will require some help because of the weight. Our exit drive is almost dry!  Even if we get some rain I think we'll be able to pull out just fine.

We're going to stay in this area for a bit because it's only February!  But we've been discussing locations we'd like to see on our way to Vermont.

Mundane stuff....

Jim emptied the black tank today and I did laundry.  

It was a beautiful day, the temperature reached the mid 70's under partly cloudy skies.  

I got my hair cut and although she did cut it short like I asked she wasn't a good stylist.  Perhaps I'll get a trim in a couple weeks to tidy it up.

We had baked beans and potatoes for lunch today.  Jim grilled a Bubba burger for himself and skipped the potato.

All is right in our world