Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Have you Noticed?

Here we are into February and I wondered if anyone besides myself noticed. I mean it's been real subtle, slight changes each day....but have you taken notice of the longer days?  

Each evening there's a little more daylight!  Of course the sun is coming up earlier each day but most people don't notice that.  They just stumble out of bed and grab their coffee, they're not looking at the clock.

I've seen some pretty sunrises but not this morning.  It was foggy and the sun didn't come out until 0800.  This is good because we're still drying out.

We went into town yesterday.  Jim had a doctor appointment and as we drove along I noticed a gator by the canal (that is still full to the brim from recent rains).  We had lunch at a new place,The Taco Shack in Stuart.  We each had a delicious soft taco and shared chips and guacamole.  Very tasty and I'm sure we'll head back because no beer was consumed this time.

We stopped at a couple stores for one item each and then Sams Club for some fuel.  Diesel was $1.87! Remember, we're in Florida where they tax the fuel but $1.87 is the lowest we've paid in quite some time

Same canal a few hours later and there were two gators! One was slipping into the water as we passed.  Sorry I don't have pictures.  We got home in time to walk Boo and feed him his dinner.

Jim is off getting his blood drawn and then getting two front tires for the truck.  Also the cooling system will be flushed.  Fun stuff that I'm not concerned with, just glad it's being done.

All is right in our world!