Thursday, December 24, 2015

Little bit of this and that

Tuesday I wanted to pick up last minute items at the grocery store so we headed into Stuart and to walk the river walk.  It was a little bit warmer this time but still very pleasant. We came across this Great Blue Heron struggling with his dinner so we stopped and watched until he swallowed it.  The fish was still alive and the heron deliberately dropped it and when it wiggled he whacked it with his beak!  Stunned it enough to turn it so he could swallow in head first

Nature up close and personal.

After our walk we headed downtown and walked some more.  I wanted to check out some of the shops.  Oddly enough I haven't seen all of them!  I found a lot of things worthy or purchase, but nothing I needed.

By this time we needed some lunch and stopped in at Duffy's. As it turns out I had a freebie on the loyalty card so we got Dolphin Fingers (fish sticks) to start with.  I forget what Jim had but I had shrimp scampi bringing half of it home.

A stop at Publix was next, then home.  Once home Jim took a nap and when he got up I continued with laundry.  I had stripped the bed before we left, so I finished with that and got the bed made, slowly.

Wednesday was just a day at home.  Jim did the breakfast dishes.  I got my presents ready for Christmas which took all of ten minutes.  :-)  I generally don't wrap gifts.  I use reusable bags and tissue.

I fixed some Gardein Turkey Cutlets with gravy, potatoes and peas for our lunch.  Jim took a nap, I guess fake turkey makes you sleepy too.

Life is good and all is right in our world