Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

In a state, far far away on this day my mother, after laboring for 3 days gave birth to me.  For that I am most grateful!  Had she not y'all would never have had the privilege of knowing me....to paraphrase Justin Wilson, I'm so happy for you to know me!

Boo woke me this morning with a low growl.  Something bothered him enough to let me know but apparently he didn't deem it a threat as he went back to sleep.  Alas, I could not.  Fortunately it was light out so it was to early and I suppose waking this way is better that having a rooster crowing.

No sunshine, overcast skies but no rain.  Even though we started yesterday with a drizzle that was it for the day.  No rain but no sun either.

I did my chores.  Lunch was a yummy stir fry.  I did the dishes while Jim napped.  Worked on some Christmas cards.

After Jim we got up we both checked the mail and walked Boo.  I got a Birthday card from my friend Anne.  Jim turned on a movie, one of the Hunger Games,  so I retreated to the bedroom to read and play games.

Dinner was chicken noodle soup.  I really shouldn't indulge but it tasted good and it's so easy to open a can.  This morning my blood pressure is a wee bit high

Since it's my birthday I think I'll take the day off

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are