Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day of recovery

Who would have thought that walking could cause such discomfort?  Both of us were stiff and sore after the Sunday walking challenge.  I guess we need to sit less and walk more!

I did my normal chores of laundry, bed making and dishes in the morning.  Even though I was stiff I found sitting uncomfortable and kept popping up every thirty minutes or so.

For our midday meal I fixed onions and mushrooms sauteed and tossed in a couple Gardein  beefless burgers, also steamed some Brussels sprouts.  For more added color I chopped up some fresh Campari Tomatoes

After lunch Jim took a nap.  I took out the trash and brought the mail and packages in.  When Jim got up we walked Boo then Jim did the dishes while I gave Boo a bath.  Not sure why but Boo has been scratching a lot lately.  I can't find any specific problem but I used a medicated shampoo hoping that will ease his itching.

Sat around playing games and watching TV all evening.  I made us a salad for dinner

All is right in our world