Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time flies when you're enjoying life!

These past two weeks between cold fronts has been so nice!  Days in the lower 80's and nights cool enough to sleep under the quilt...of course we had a few nights when we had to the run the air conditioner to cool the bedroom

With the spring like weather it means some plants and trees are blooming.  The pine trees are pesky!  The pine pollen is one of the things I have an allergic reaction to.  Nothing serious but it clogs my nose and gives me a slight headache...and the pollen sure makes a mess on all the vehicles...our truck looks awful!

Jim got a pressure washer and got the rig cleaned.  The roof was a mess after months of parking under trees.  But as you can see he got the patio all set up and hopefully this configuration will withstand the winds.  Our poles got warped and Jim wants to replace them....since we've had some wind with this new front coming through we'll see if the awning can hold up!
Since we have afternoon sun it helps having the screen and it sure is nice to sit out and have a glass of wine

On our walk the other day we found a Luna Moth...pretty little creature.  Have you ever seen one before? 

This part of the St Johns River is pretty and we enjoy our daily walks to the dock.  It isn't very far and Boo has a grand time walking all over and smelling the posts!  It's the longest river in Florida and one of the few in the United States that flows north.  It's a slow river that empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Mayport, Florida. 

Our warm days will be replaced with cooler ones starting today.  Although we had sunshine this morning the clouds moved in and now it's gloomy out there and the temperature is dropping.  It's already 59 degrees out there but on the bright side, we haven't had any rain...yet.  This cold front left freezing temperatures in parts of Arizona,Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi according to friends all across the regions.   Wonder what will happen here???
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