Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day Trip to St Augustine

Plop me down somewhere for any length of time and my thoughts turn to gardening.  We we're shopping for a step ladder at Lowe's and Home Depot....I say we, but naturally I mean Jim...while we were at these fine establishments I was wandering around the garden centers.  Found some leaf lettuce to transplant into a window box so I bought another planter, some soil and viola!  My own salad greens.  Jim doesn't care for leaf lettuce so I rarely buy it.

The left planter has seeds of lettuce, some flowers and a couple herbs.  The next pot has parsley and oregano that I picked up at Country Feed Store and Garden Center in Tallahassee.  The white pot contains a Christmas? cactus that Anne Scott gave me, that is just now budding out.  Then we have my pony tail palm and the newly planted lettuce

A few days ago we drove to St Augustine to revisit that beautiful, historic city.  Our last visit was last June (and that visit was the first in over 30 years!).  We had lunch at Cafe del Hidalgo where we both enjoyed a panini, Jim's was chicken and I had a veggie one with cheese..we left stuffed!
Cafe del Hidalgo

After lunch we wandered around the city taking in the marina this time.  It's always fun watching the boats in the harbour and wandering the docks checking out everyone's pleasure crafts.

Have you ever seen a banana in bloom and bearing fingers of baby bananas?  It's a beautiful plant and this one is outside another eating establishment

There are many churches and cathedrals and if I posted all the pictures I took you'd soon get bored.  Also, I'd have to write down all the names!  This one is near the college and I cannot tell you how gorgeous it is

This one is near the parking lot we used for the truck

It was a lovely afternoon spent with the love of my life!

We've mostly been enjoying our stay here and everyday life finds us doing chores of cleaning and laundry.  Jim bought a pressure washer and a couple days ago he cleaned the roof.  It really needed it as we've been parking under sappy trees!  We've taken to walking Boo a couple times a day down to the dock.  Boo loves all the new smells and lingers and sniffs every post and chair!

Our weather has finally gotten nicer and we've been wearing shorts!  The Thursday night potluck was fun, no jackets required!

If you're in the path of the rain, snow and cold...stay warm and safe!
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