Saturday, November 24, 2012

Skyfall and Thanksgiving

Wednesday we did our morning chores and eagerly awaited the arrival of Sonsearae and Chris.  Jim tidied up the truck, making sure the windshield was clean.  I knew we'd be driving after dark and I don't like a messy windshield!  When Sonsearae got off work they headed west and arrived in early afternoon.  It was so good to see them!

They brought a couple boxes of mail for us and a bag of goodies, mostly for me.  Jim got his coffee from Green Mountain and we got our Escapee mail.  Sonsearae keeps magazines and catalogs and usually mails them to me.  This time she delivered them in person.

We visited for awhile and then they left to check into the Holiday Inn Express on Panama City Beach.  About an hour later we followed after having some coffee and feeding Boo.  From here to there was 50 miles.  We met them at Pier Park at the Red Brick Pizza Cafe.  We've been there before and we all had pizza.  We ladies shared a veggie pizza with Daiya (vegan cheese).  To our surprise they picked up the tab. Jim had a margarita pizza and Chris had a pepperoni pizza which smelled and looked so goooood!

After dinner we headed to the Grand 16 to see Skyfall at the IMAX theater.  It's been awhile since we've been to a movie and I was shocked at the price!  Senior price for two was $25.50.  I'm not sure why the cost is so high and we'll have to save our money for the next time.

Skyfall staring Daniel Craig was excellent!  Sonsearae and Chris had already seen it and we all enjoyed the movie.  Jim and I were impressed with the humongous screen.  My eyes were tired by the end of the movie.  Nothing like having the screen right up in your face!

After saying our good-nights we headed home and by 2300 we were showered and in bed.  That's an hour past our normal bedtime.  LOL

Thursday I tried to sleep in but that didn't work.  After breakfast we dressed and headed back to the beach, a mere 44 miles, to visit with them in their room at Holiday Inn Express.  I wanted to see the view from their 14th floor room. The balcony overlooked the Gulf and it was breathtaking!  My pictures do not show the beautiful color of the water here.

There were some folks out in the water and enjoying the white sands.

There were some people enjoying the swimming pool too and I liked this area with the palm trees and tiki huts

Around noon we left the hotel and headed to Breakers for the Thanksgiving dinner buffet.  They had the usual turkey and all the fixins' plus prime rib and a roast pork, I think.  I was to busy eating to take note of all the food!  I had a couple bites of Jim's prime rib....mmmm good and I enjoyed some turkey and shrimp.  I don't think any of us stuffed ourselves but we weren't hungry when we left!

What I liked best was spending this day with Sonsearae and Chris and we didn't have to do dishes...Oh and they picked up the check...again!

After dinner three of us went out back to check out the beach.  Sonsearae wanted to see how cold the water was and I wanted to take pictures

Back deck of Breakers

Sonsearae and Jim watching the beach goers

Me and my beautiful daughter

pelicans and a jet...if you click on the pictures they will open on another page

Chis waiting for us on the deck....

The four of us headed home after dinner.  We stopped for fuel and they dilly dallied so we could all arrive at the same time! We watched some football, chatted and enjoyed the afternoon.  They headed out around 1600 to drive back to Tallahassee.  We ended the day with some popcorn.

I can't remember the last time we had a family Thanksgiving and this was our first one with Chris.  Makes the day more special when you share it with family

Friday we rested...we even tried to nap but Boo wouldn't let us.  He just kept nudging and whining...Dinner was enchilada bake from Happy Herbivore

So far today we're just chillin'.  I've done some laundry in an effort to keep it done because next week we'll be at a COE park.

I hope that wherever you were for Thanksgiving, you shared your meal with family or friends.

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