Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We were up early Monday, not sure why but it did come in handy.  We knew a storm was heading our way so we packed up and hit the road.  Can you believe we were rolling by 0930?   That's early for us!  The drive was pleasant and on highway 85 most of the trip.  Farmland, cotton fields and old derelict buildings...

We arrived at Eglin AFB around noon having gotten sprinkled on only a little.  After setting up we sat and enjoyed a cold beer just enjoying the view

As you can see, it's a bit overcast but no matter, we're almost on the water and that's heaven to us.  This base has two campgrounds, one nestled it the pine trees with all the sites lined up in rows.  This one has about twenty sites on  a peninsula.  The only drawback is no sewer hookups...

The afternoon was cool and a slight breeze was blowing. We took a little walk with Boo in tow and as these pictures show a few people were out and enjoying the Boggy Bayou.  There are a pair of Blue Herons that I've enjoyed watching

We stayed here a few years back and my memory of that stay involves a fall on these rocks and a nasty cut on my hand.  But I didn't get my camera wet!

The pelicans have been showing off too...and we saw a couple dolphin fins.  Not sure how many there were but they churned up the water catching dinner.

Jim said he needed a seafood fix so we headed out to Valparaiso just outside the east gate across the bayou to The Boathouse restaurant.  We sat outside on the deck so we could watch the boats

While we were waiting for our drinks it started we went back inside and it's a good thing we did because the rain started pouring down!

No matter we enjoyed our seafood dinner and arrived home in time to enjoy our coffee at the usual time of 1600.

We settled in for the evening of rain and wind watching Bones, DWTS and Castle.  Sleep was a bit troublesome because of the wind and those darn slide toppers...

Yesterday the skies cleared and we had sunshine.  But we also had a sick fridge...Had to call out a repairman and hopefully today the problem will be resolved.  After he left we headed to Destin because that's where the nearest Petsmart is.  Boo needed some dry food and a new toy  :-)

We also made a stop at Destin Commons because I wanted to shop at L'Occitane but I had the wrong mall.  We popped into Bass Pro Shop for a bit then headed home.  Sure was nice seeing the sand dunes again!

Back home in time for afternoon coffee.  Tuesday night is NCIS night.  We've also been watching the new show sure is fun seeing all the old cars!  Not sure about the show
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