Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chores, ETC

I should mention that Jim has done some work on the the windows and the front end cap after the rain we had the other day.  With the threat of freezing temperatures he drained the fresh water tank (stale water) and refilled with some of this nice soft water we have here.  Of course it didn't freeze but it sure got cold!

Speaking of soft water, do you like it?  I can't stand it!  Makes me feel slimy in the shower.  And doing dishes is fun, they slip out of your hands.

Each campground has drawbacks, such as the water here....What have you come across that makes your camping experience less than perfect?  Some people love being alone in nature, which is nice, but not all the time.  We like people, and shopping...

I don't like jammed sites...a little space between gives better privacy.  I also don't like street lights!  When we went camping as children it was fun wandering around after dark with a flashlight...Why are some campgrounds lit up at night?  I expect it has to do with liability

This one, Deer Run has a couple, but nothing to complain about.  It's really dark here and we like that.

And we like sites that are on or near water!  Not sure why but there are no birds on this pond.  the water is clear and we've seen folks fishing.

We're still adjusting to the time change....not sure why we still have to go through this daylight savings time thing twice a year.  I'd rather have extra daylight in the evening.  Even Boo is confused wanting his meals an hour earlier! Jim has gotten up all by himself a couple times and it was way before 0800.   I have no idea how we'll do in the Eastern Time zone all winter.  Some TV programs we watch will come on at our bedtime....I guess we'll have to stay up later or get some sort of recorder...

Jim decided we needed lunch out today so we headed into Troy to see what we could find.  After driving around looking at some beautiful homes and lovely autumn color we ended up at Momma Goldbergs Deli on the town square.  We both were surprised to see so many people out and about.  Of course the weather is perfect, about 70 degrees and sunny.  But, it turns out that Troy University is hosting the Navy in a football game today.  I guess we should have gotten tickets!

Lunch was good, I had a veggie burger and Jim got a Ruben, we shared a bag of chips and had a cold beer to wash it down.  After lunch we tried to drive around the campus but traffic was heavy and some streets were blocked off.  What we did see, it looks like a pretty campus.

One more stop for fuel, $3.81....I'll bet that's the lowest we'll see for awhile.  Florida taxes on fuel are pretty high

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, VE Day for those who remember.  Does anyone wear the poppy anymore?  Honor a Vet by thanking him or her for their service...

It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.  ~Author unknown, sometimes attributed to M. Grundler