Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Season

It's official, the work camping season has begun. It started on the 15th and will continue through to the end of March. Last night the owner Mike and his wife Laurie hosted a dinner for the work campers and put out a nice spread of barbecue, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. We also had our choice of beer, wine and teas to drink. The new managers Guy and Juanita gave everyone a welcome mat. That was unexpected and quite nice.

Jim hasn't started working yet, he'll be on a five days on ten days off schedule along with Al and Eric. Not sure when he starts, if he told me I forgot! :-)

We've had one or two cold fronts dip down here in south Texas and while it's annoying for some to have to wear shoes and socks along with long pants, I don't mind. The past couple of days have been in the upper 80's maybe even 90+ and with the humidity it's been to warm for me. I don't suppose there is a perfect weather spot that would suit both of us!

Our resort is still quite empty as a lot of the snow birds don't come down until after the holidays. That family time is important to them. A few of our friends have yet to arrive.

I guess a cold front is coming through because since I've gotten up the temperature has dropped! Oh well, at least we don't have snow!