Thursday, September 8, 2011

slight change in plans

We had to put off our departure from Tampa by one day. TS Lee even though traveling up the country was pulling moisture up out of the Gulf right across Tampa and the path we wanted to travel in. So we stayed one more night at MacDill AFB. During the night we had storms roll through and when we got up Wednesday it didn't look promising. The skies were overcast but it wasn't raining. We checked the forecast and decided to hit the road.

We took our time and left around 1015. Driving out of Tampa was under heavy skies and quite a bit of traffic. We'd been traveling about an hour when we finally hit I-75. The day was clearing up and soon we had sunny skies. Made one stop for lunch and arrived at Sportsman's Cove in McIntosh, Florida around 1400 or shortly thereafter.

It didn't take long to set up but it was warm so we sat under the oak tree and had a cold beer. There are a lot of mighty oaks around here and I've taken some pictures but I won't post them all today! They're just dripping with Spanish Moss and when there is a breeze it's very nice.
Our neighbors have a lot of potted plants and this butterfly was enjoying some nectar. Poor thing has a section of his wing missing
This is the meandering road into the campground. By the way it's call a resort.....but don't believe it! It's more like a fish camp. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure when there is water in the lake the fishermen will be here.
This is the lake......
There might be gators but I don't think there is any swimming going on
Boat slips are ready for gardening! There are no amenities here other than the wifi and cable. During the season I'm sure they charge for electricity. We've seen the meters at every site. We got Passport America Rates for the week which made it reasonable. It's 24 bucks a night for very close grassy sites

Over night the temperature dropped into the upper 60's! I started opening windows when I got out of bed. At first there wasn't any wind but when the breeze picked up it was nice having fresh air wafting through the house.

We went for a ride which didn't last very long as I couldn't pedal my trike! I know I haven't ridden much but I just could not make any headway up the slight inclines. Once back home Jim checked and my gear was stuck on high! No wonder I couldn't pedal....He fixed it but we need to have the shift mechanization looked at. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can ride more. There are some lovely old homes in the neighborhood.

Jim cleaned the bugs off the front of the rig while I sat outside and finished up my book. We both had a lunch of leftovers outside.