Monday, September 19, 2011

Ocala Florida

We left McIntosh last Wednesday morning late. After a grueling hour or so of driving on I-75 we made it to our destination of Ocala Sun RV Resort,

In no time at all we were all set up. It's very nice here. All the sites are grassy but they allow mats and it looks like you can install patio pavers as some sites have them. Some have screen rooms so I guess that's ok too! There is a lack of trees and the only landscaping is around the public buildings. Not sure how it would be for winter stays as the sites are close but staggered.

Wednesday evening we decided to eat out and Jim chose Carrabas. We both enjoyed our dinner! It was happy hour and we had beer to go with our pasta. Jim had a seafood dish and I had pomodoro (tag pic pac on the menu) pasta. We had brushetta to start and of course there was bread on the table. Our meals came with a salad and by the time we got the main course we were full. We ended up taking some home.

Thursday we went to the mall so I could find something to wear to the wedding. I just didn't like what I had in the closet. I did find a blouse and it was on sale too! After that exhausting trek we went to Barnes and Nobles for some down time. One more stop at Sam's Club and we were homeward bound.

Friday we went shopping for groceries. I did buy a lot of produce at Sam's Club but we needed some other items, so Jim found us a Walmart. Once home I put all our purchases away.

I can't remember which day it was that we worked. Jim did some outside cleaning on the rig. It's love bug season. I stripped the bed but Jim made it when we got home from wandering. Maybe that was Thursday because we were both hungry when we got home and I started reheating leftovers from our dinner out.

Saturday......I think we stayed home!

I was up early Sunday and was able to watch the sun rise above the clouds and tree line

After a breakfast of pancakes we headed to The Villages, According to the sign it was 16 miles down the road. It was a lovely drive and we enjoyed the scenery of horse farms and pastures. Jim had checked and we knew that the village was housing. We thought it would be fun to see the homes. But the homes we wanted to see were in gated communities with guards. We drove a little farther and we found a town square, It's full of shops and restaurants built around a square. I didn't have my camera but the buildings had a Southwestern feel and quite pretty to look upon. We strolled around for a bit but none of the restaurants appealed to us so we went in search of more!

We found Sweet Tomatoes. Neither one of us had eaten there. Inside the door Jim hesitated because there's a salad bar. I told him we could leave but he decided salads are a good thing. We plated up some salad (Jim did two plates) and we paid. Then we discovered all the food behind the wall! Soups, baked potatoes, breads, muffins, pizza, soft serve ice cream with toppings, fruit. We both enjoyed our lunch very much and I know I over ate but it was so good!

Back home I turned on the tv while Jim tried to nap. After he gave that pastime up we watched mindless tv while we occupied ourselves with computers and iPads. After Boo had his dinner I took him for a walk and discovered it was nice outside! Wonderful breeze and pleasant temperature. I told Jim to come outside and we both watched football (Houston/Miami).
We also had our dinner outside. Around 1900 I went inside and Jim followed.

I guess that about covers it. Both of us are looking forward to the new season starting on tv. Castle is on tonight. The NCIS shows tomorrow night.