Monday, September 5, 2011

Last day in Tampa

Tomorrow we head out to a new location. A little North, a little East. You'll just have to wait for the location! I can hear thunder so it's probably raining in the bay. The forecast is for rain later

The other day I joined Costco. Always wanted to see inside and compare prices with Sam's Club. We didn't spend much but we brought home some freebies! When I joined they sent coupons and we picked up a free rotisserie chicken and a free 2 pound bag of coffee beans. Three dollars off 2 pounds of chocolate chunk cookies made us both happy. Time will tell if one warehouse is better than the other.

While at the commissary the other day we saw Monk parakeets! We've been here a month and now that we're getting ready to leave we see feral Quakers! By the way the bird is known by both names and is an introduced bird to the US. I used to have one as a pet. I've looked around but I didn't see their nests. They build huge condo style nests. I think they were feeding on the berries on the palm trees. Read more here:

Other birds we've seen here at the campground and throughout the base are: herons, egrets, osprey, wood stork and roseate spoonbills. These are all normal for a coastal area.