Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunset, Sunrise

I know, the lyrics are Sunrise, Sunset....but the sunset pictures were taken last night

And it was a beautiful sunset!

Sunrise this morning was pretty spectacular too!

Today we made a Walmart run, my list was getting longer and longer. There are a couple markets here in Cedar Key but I'm sure they charge a wee bit more than we want to pay. The drive to and from Chiefland is pretty but not much to see. We left early enough to have lunch, today it was Mexican. Not sure how long we were in Walmart but our basket was full when we left!

About a block up the road we have a produce stand! I may have to check it out tomorrow....we stopped on the way back and I really didn't have time to look at everything or the need to buy anything. But I did see some pretty corn on the cob.

Jim wants to get a look inside this boat. It's interesting to watch the tide come and go and see the boat stuck in the mud.

We sat outside tonight and watched the sunset. It was pretty but not like last night.. I know each one is different!
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