Friday, May 13, 2011

What can I say?

it's been warm here....close to the 90 mark everyday. Once we get our chores done we just try to stay cool. Reading, playing games and watching TV. Not really exciting that's why I haven't posted.

We did go to the beach yesterday. Walked quite a bit in the surf and watched the sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the beautiful Gulf Coast. We brought lunch and sat in the shade of the Pavilion to enjoy it. With the breeze off of the water it was a good way to cool off and enjoy our lunch.

On the way home we made some stops. Publix to pick up dinner and some creamer for my coffee. Bed, Bath and Beyond for coffee. Coleman's has an outlet store so we stopped there just to check it out. And we stopped for fuel $3.85 a gallon is the cheapest in the area. We know Florida will be higher.

We leave on Monday for Panama City. We'll be staying at a Military campground for a week then off to Tallahassee to visit Sonsearae and Chris.