Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairhope, Alabama

We had some rain yesterday and once the storm moved through the temperatures were much nicer! Woke up this morning and opened the house to the fresh air.

I've been wanting to go into Foley to stroll the shops and look at antiques. Jim did some research and suggested to we go to Fairhope. So we headed out and soon we were driving through the countryside with windows open, enjoying the fresh air. It wasn't a long drive and after we arrived we headed out to find lunch.

We stopped at the visitor center and decided to have lunch at Panini Pete's in the French Quarter. We sat outside and enjoyed our meal with a cold beer. After lunch we strolled and poked around a few shops. I did find some sandals but didn't purchase them. For the price they wanted I think I can find two or three pairs!

We drove home via a different route and just hugged the coast of Mobile Bay. We saw some grand homes and rolling landscapes. There are a lot of horses in this area. Big homes, Pecan groves, farmland. It's beautiful here. If you find yourself in the area do take time to check it out.

We sat outside and enjoyed our afternoon coffee, I think the temperature was around 75-77 degrees. I could get used to that! Jim fired up the grill for our dinner, he had hot dogs and I had grilled zucchini.