Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas in South Texas

Whew!  The past couple of weeks have gone by quickly.  The Christmas Season is almost over and a New Year is on the horizon.

We've been working in guest services, three days on, six days off.  In between shifts we do our chores around the house and enjoy the resort and our neighbors.

We had a bout of chilly weather which kept most everyone indoors.  Forty-fifty degrees and I think one night it dipped into the upper thirties.  Makes for good sleeping!  After a few days of long pants and socks we were ready for warmer temperatures.

My Amaryllis bloomed, this one put out four flowers, the grey pot on the right put out a stalk of six buds.  Before they could even open something happened to the base of the stem causing it to flop down.  Don't know if it was too much water, a critter eating it or just the weight.  I cut it off and stuck it in some water, three blooms have opened but I'm sure the other three will remain unopened as they are not growing larger.

It took us awhile to make our plans for Christmas and we finally decided on going to the beach.  Generally there's a few restaurants open on a holiday (hotels etc) but we chose to pack a picnic and eat on the beach to get the sun and see the waves.

South Padre Island (Texas) beaches are OK, but we both like Florida beaches better.  Jim remarked on the way home that he misses Florida beaches!

Our picnic wasn't anything fancy.  We had sandwiches, macaroni salad some radishes and cucumber slices.  Brought some grapes and cookies for dessert.  A bottle of beer and a great view, what more could you ask for.

After our lunch we walked up and down the shoreline.  Allowing as to how it was Christmas there were more people there than I thought there would be.  

After we packed up and left the beach we found a funky bar facing the Gulf so we stopped in and enjoyed a pina colada while staring at the water.  Very relaxing and just what we needed.  Salt water therapy!

We just finished our day work stint and I have no idea what we'll do with our off time.  Jim has a doctor appointment tomorrow, mostly tests I think.  We're not going anywhere for New Years, we'll just stay in and enjoy each others company.  I know, we're boring old farts.  But we just don't party much and staying up past 2200 is a thing of the past!  The new year will arrive just the same.

Whatever your plans are for the 31st, be safe!