Thursday, October 6, 2016

Where were you

just one year ago?  We were in South Florida....where I'm sure the folks we met are getting pelted with rain from Hurricane Matthew.  My thoughts are with them and others in the path of this storm

We spent a lot of time in Stuart and Port St Lucie and all I can think of right now is the damage this storm is going to do.  It's a beautiful area of Florida and not as expensive as the areas a little further south.  All the water being pushed onto the coast and up the rivers...and the torrential rain falling and having no place to go.  Flooding is going to be awful and folks will need assistance because the power will be out and the stores are all empty.  

We're in Texarkana Texas right now.  Our first time back to Texas in several years.  The past week or so has been uneventful.  We travel, stay 3-4 nights then hit the road again.  When we sit still we spend time doing laundry and other chores, just like folks who live in a sticks and bricks.

I will say the farther south we get the warmer it is.  Even Hot!  We spend the middle of the day inside where it's cooler with air conditioning.

While here Jim had the oil changed in the truck and we did some shopping for groceries and Boo and I got our hair cut!

Tomorrow we head to Livingston Texas for four nights.  Technically Livingston is our home.  At least that's what it says on our license and it's where our mail is sent.  We're Escapees!  Livingston is their headquarters 

all is right in our world