Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bentsen Palm RV Resort

We left Lazy Longhorn in Victoria around 0930 yesterday our destination the Rio Grande Valley and Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission Texas.  Sheesh that's a mouthful!

Our drive was an easy one and we headed south until we neared Corpus Christi then we went west to Alice where we picked up Highway 281 south.  And we stopped and had lunch because 281 is a long road with very few stops that can accommodate our rig.

We pulled into our home for the next six month just after 1400.  The gate was locked but Jackie saw us and let us in.  We were expected but whenever an RV shows up I'm sure someone will open the gate!  We pulled and parked and headed to the managers dwelling to be greeted by our friends Don and Jeni Wilson.  It's been a few years since we saw them and I must say it was like being welcomed home.

We exchanged hugs and some tears then Jim and I got busy.  Jim backed us in without to much trouble, we leveled and set up our house. Once our work was done for the day we changed into our suits and headed to the pool.  We soaked in the hot tub and I took a dip in the pool.  Back home we showered and slipped into our jammies and ended our day watching TV

This morning when I opened up the blinds I saw this little beauty having breakfast in the tree behind the rig

I think it's a Coopers Hawk and years ago when we were here we had one in this area....wonder if it's the same one?

Today we continued tweaking our living space.  Jim worked outside and I worked inside.  Laundry, cleaning etc. Jim set up the bird feeding station, took the bike rack off and stored it with a tarp cover.  He worked outside until noon, came in, got a bite to eat then napped.

I watched football!   The New Orleans Saints were playing and I'm proud to say they won, beating the North Carolina Panthers 41-38!

Around 1600 we paid a Jeni a visit.  Our friend is recovering from a stroke and it was good to talk to her and wonderful to see the progression she's made.  Better days are ahead with more and more of her friends showing up and before long she'll be in tip top shape.  Especially if all of us chip in with help!

Then it was to the pool where several couples gathered to cool off, have a drink and chat.  Finally it was time to head home for a bite to eat.  

We've showered and settled in for the night.

All is right in our world

spell check isn't working so if there are mistakes, let me know