Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beauty Is All Around Us

You just need to open your eyes

We've had a dreary, rainy weekend.  Yesterday we drove to Saratoga Springs to spend some time in Barnes and Nobles.  This is our favorite rainy day activity.  It only took about an hour to get there because we had a delay near the outlet center, traffic was bumper to bumper.  But we drove on through and jumped on the interstate.

Soon we arrived at our destination.  But first we needed some food to sustain us!  After lunch at a 99 Restaurant (

We do have sunshine now but there are still some clouds out there.  Of course with the rain we've had cooler temperatures and right now it's 66 degrees at 1800.  Should be great for sleeping!

We just watched Robin Hood: Prince of Peace with Kevin Costner.  I love anything to  do with Robin Hood.  Alan Rickman was perfect for the role of the Sheriff!

Hope y'all had a good weekend
All is right in our world