Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rain, Rain and more rain

Our morning was slow.  I slept until just before 0800 and Jim didn't get up until 0900!  Cloudy all morning but it was dry.  The rain started later and boy did we get a lot of rain!

Fixed a stir fry of bok choi, red pepper and garlic and onion for our mid day meal.  Before I had a chance to clean up the kitchen Woody came by and took measurements.  Saturday is the day!

Not sure if I've told ya'll, but we now have the ability to record programs on TV.  We upgraded within the last month.  We go to bed around 2200 and a lot of programs we like come on at that time.  We just watched Bastard Executioner....we both like the ability to fast forward the commercials!  We've recorded a few things and deleted them after watching.  But movies, like The Quiet Man, we'll keep and build our library.

all is right in our world