Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Celebrate, Celebrate

I couldn't let this day go by without telling you that this is our ten year anniversary of being on the road.  As you know, if you've read our blog long enough, we've been full timing since Hurricane Katrina.  

Today marks the day that Jim retired from Plimsoll and we started packing up and we left Louisiana a few days later.  We headed to Livingston, Texas and hunkered down at Escapees Rainbow's End and did all the paperwork necessary to become Texans.  We were already members and we just needed to make it legal.  You know, you can't live someplace without getting a drivers license and insurance companies need to find you!  We did keep our Louisiana phone numbers.

Ten years ago we also lost Jake our Yorkie and as it turned out our Boo was born about this time.  Boo is also celebrating ten years, his birthday and living with us on the road.

Last year at this time Jim had quadruple bypass and he's doing well....Still has his foot issue and I swear his short term memory is fading.  As we always say getting older isn't for sissies!

For myself I'm still off drugs for several 'problems' and I hope to stay this way.  But I do have osteoporosis and hopefully with diet I can keep it from getting worse and I can keep my blood pressure, pre diabetes and cholesterol under control.

Today has been a wet, gloomy day with rain coming at us in waves.  Nothing heavy but no sunshine makes stay indoors.  

I made a red bean gumbo and some brownies. Of course laundry and dishes.

Last night with the help of Chris and Sonsearae we pulled out the RV fridge and now we await the gentleman who will do the carpentry work.  He's supposed to come tomorrow to measure. Our new fridge is set up next door.  Runs like a champ and I look forward to having it installed.  Still don't know where I'll put my pots and pans.