Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious?  The older I get the less superstitious I become.  I think our parents drill the weird stuff into us to scare us and as we age we realize that circumstances are not what they seem.

Any way this is the second Friday the 13th we've had this year and thus far life is good...

We're having beautiful weather even though we have random rain showers.  As I looked out the window today the sun was shining and a fine, misty rain was falling.  I kept watching for the rainbow and it finally made it's appearance.  Shortly thereafter we had a brief shower and it was over.

Jim reminded me today that Monday will be a milestone for him....six months since his bypasses...I'm pleased to tell you that he's doing well with his recovery.  To look at him you'd never notice anything was wrong.  I think he still has some muscles and tendons healing where the incision was made and he's using weights every other day and working on this.

Since he received the cortisone shot in his shoulder that problematic bursitis is gone.  Now we're working on getting his feet (especially one) in better shape.  All those years of going barefoot are over...Plantar Fasiitis and he has some work to do to be in less pain.

At the end of this month I have an appointment at the VA.  Who knows what problems they'll find!  This getting older is the pits!

Other than that, All is right in our world!