Saturday, January 3, 2015

Life in the fast lane....

Not!  Hope your new year is off to a good start.

I finally put up a hanging bird feeder because I've seen a pair of cardinals flitting through the back yard.  Of course that means we have grackles, ten, twenty, thirty at a time.  They don't fit on the feeder actually.  One tries and sits there for a minute or so.  Eventually I want my feeding station set up but I haven't quite convinced Jim to do it.  Sonsearae and I think we could attract the owls so they can take care of any mice that would hang around.

Have you ever seen a black ibis?  We have a flock of them here and they're quite graceful.  I think it's the glossy ibis seen here.  Haven't been able to get close enough for pictures so I can better identify it.

Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
Working together is success.
Henry Ford

What I'm reading: From the Ashes by Jeremy Burns