Monday, December 29, 2014

The Tall and Small

I've been getting up to foggy mornings around here and that means a lot of humidity.  Temperatures in the 60's.  Once the sun breaks through it clears up quickly.

Yesterday we took ourselves to a park with a boardwalk on the St Lucie river.  Saw some raccoon's, a few pelicans and white ibis.  Then we drove up to Ft Pierce and picked up a Subway sandwich and enjoyed lunch overlooking the ocean.    It was beautiful on the beach.  We both like this warmth and the area is beautiful with lots to explore.

After a leisurely drive south on A1A we headed inland and home

Around here we have our fair share of birds!  These Sandhill Cranes can be seen and heard daily.  Seen from a distance you might think they were Great Blue Herons but their body is a bit bulkier and of course they have a red cap!  I'm pretty sure the Florida cranes live here year round, why would they want to leave?

We are blessed with lizards and frogs which is fine by me!  They eat bugs which include those nasty spiders I do not like.  This little guy is a brown anole and he is about 6-8 inches in length.  According to Audubon they can get almost 9 inches long.  This is an introduced species originally from Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas

What have you seen around you this week?  Santa?  Critters?  Maybe that elusive family member?  

Look around and observe your surroundings.  As they say, take time to stop and smell the roses