Monday, November 3, 2014

We Made It!

Our journey to Florida has ended.

We left Camp Lake Jasper around 0930 Sunday morning under a cold clear sky.  Beautiful day to travel and our destination made us want to drive faster, but we didn't.

Georgia Highway Patrol was visible almost the whole way on I-95 through that lovely state.  It may have had something to do with the Florida Georgia game in Jacksonville...which the Gators won!  Chomp Chomp

We made one stop for lunch and crossed into Florida around noon and arrived at Sonsearae and Chris' house at 1315.  They were outside to greet us!  No band, which was disappointing  :-(

They showed us where to park and all the necessary hookups.  We backed into the yard and determined that we were sinking to much to try and set up there.  So we commandeered a part of their driveway and set up on a cement pad!  They have a long driveway and the section we're on is the turnaround part.  I'll eventually get pictures posted.  We have some tweaking to do so we can make all neat and tidy but it can wait until the temperature rises a bit.

Once we got the rig set up enough we followed them into the house to watch football.  They have NFL Sunday ticket and that is something I'd like to have!  We enjoyed a cold beer and just relaxed.

Sonsearae fixed dinner for us, chili con carne for the guys and meatless chili for we ladies. Cornbread too!

After dinner we came home and just collapsed.  Showers were taken, a couple chores were done, some internet time and we went to bed around 2100.

It's good to be home for awhile!