Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Goofed!

Apparently I hit publish instead of save on that last blog.  Chock it up to being tired.

During this past week of being on the road and specifically I-95 we've seen a lot of RV'ers heading south!  Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont tags.  Quite a few from Quebec and Ontario too.  Even cars from these states and provinces all heading to the warmth of the south.  I'm sure Florida is the destination for most of them.

After we got south of Interstates 20 and 26 the traffic got heavier.  We had slow downs and a lot of lane changes.  Everyone leap frogging the rigs and semis.  We usually travel at 60 mph so everyone is passing us!  We just wave and read the license plates.  One rest stop had eleven rigs and only one 18 wheeler in the truck parking lot.  Usually it's the other way around.  We pull in amongst all the noisy, smelly 18 wheelers and try to walk Boo to the nearest spot of grass.  Our little dog doesn't like all that noise and I don't like the fumes.

Camp Lake Jasper is a fairly new campground and according to their website 'the Gateway to Hilton Head Island'.  The water pressure is divine!  The main roads are paved and it looks like they were going to build houses here.  The land is higher than the road and even though we have a pull through it's a bit wonky. You pull onto a dirt road and exit downhill over a curb to get out of the site.  I guess I should take a picture.  You can easily get to Savannah and Beaufort from here. We wanted to stay at Paris Island Marine Corps Base but they didn't have any available spots.  I guess there was a graduation on Friday.

I wanted to have a low country boil but all the good seafood restaurants were to far away so we'll save that for another visit.  We were both hungry and we picked a pizza place for dinner.  The Upper Crust has tasty pizza but the crust was a bit soggy for us.  We started with bruschetta that was excellent!  Of course we both had a draft beer and we brought pizza home.

No TV because we didn't set up the dish.  We sat and played games or read most of the evening and went to bed around 2130.

One more night here.  On Sunday we travel to Lake City Florida