Saturday, September 13, 2014

Slow Friday

Over cast and cool this morning.  Jim wasn't feeling well so we just stayed in all day.  I did walk Boo and boy did he run!  He loves the cooler temperatures.

The day continued to be gloomy with the sun making a short appearance during the afternoon

For our dining pleasure I made some not chicken noodle soup.  Along with the bread I made it was a fine meal

Anne and Scotty were gone all day visiting friends but I visited with Anne when they got home.  

Saturday started out cloudy and went downhill from there!  

After breakfast Anne and I went on a doughnut run.  Those apple cider doughnuts are delicious!

After lunch Jim and I went out to get some propane and don't you know that's when it started raining!  Back home a movie entertained Jim...I know we've seen it before but what else do you do on a rainy afternoon?

A flock of starlings passed some time here this afternoon.  Must have been 100 or more.  Not sure what they were eating but they were busy pecking the ground.

Dinner with Anne and Scotty, pork chops, stuffing, acorn squash, Brussels sprouts and baked potatoes.  All yummy and Anne did most of the cooking. Thanks Miss Anne

Still raining at 1900, the fireplace keeping us warm and we're watching another movie, In Harms Way with John Wayne.  Good way to end the day