Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another day towards recovery

I can honestly say my husband is on the road to recovery.  Yesterday he was still groggy and not himself....but today Jim was sitting up, clear headed and able to focus on his visitors.  He had lunch while we were there and he ordered and ate most of his turkey salad.  He also ordered a piece of cake that went down smoothly! The three of us spent two sessions with Jim leaving around 1600 because he was looking tired.  I wanted him to rest in case they decided to move him.

Our dear friends and I stopped at Olive Garden for some soup, salad and bread sticks.

He's still in the ICU because there isn't a bed for him on the ward.  Hopefully tomorrow....there are sick people in ICU!

Our friends Anne and Scotty have been wonderful.  Scotty drove the long distance again today.  Two days in a row! The trip is 89 miles one way. On Vermont highways the fastest you can drive is 55 mph and most places it's slower.  Then you have to contend with small towns, etc.  The trip takes almost two hours.

Before long our lives will get back to normal!