Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You know what happens when you sit still for to long?  You quit writing your blog!  I know it's been awhile and we've seen and done things I could write about but I just get lazy.

This chipmunk is hard to get a picture of.  This was early one morning before everyone else was up and about.
The robins have a nest on the south side of the shed and it's been fun watching the wee ones grow up.  Yesterday the last one left the nest

I've seen the woodchuck several times scurrying about.  I think he lives under the shed.  Best time for pictures is early morning.  Never see but one....I guess he lives alone

This Northern Flicker entertained me for awhile.

Sometimes we also have problems with the internet now.  I can't seem to post this!  But I'll keep trying  :-)

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