Monday, August 18, 2014

Burdock Parade

What's a Burdock you ask?  It's an edible plant! Read about it here and checkout the pictures, no doubt you've seen one before.

It was a beautiful day and we parked in a good spot to view the parade.  First we walked around the 'intersection' and checked out a shop or two

Then we set up our chairs and waited for the fun to begin

There were a few older vehicles

A drum and Fife band with a sense of humor....perhaps they thought they were a Mickey Mouse outfit!  No.... the parade had a fantasy theme.  Oddly enough the first song was the Yellow Rose of Texas

The Shriners provided some visual excitement

Even slow, old tractors were included as were several fire department rigs and emergency rescue ambulance

Some pipers provided some skirling music

All in all it was a fun parade!  It wasn't very long and I'm sure the party continued after we left