Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday at Home

Jim is working today so I'm holding down the fort.  We had a thunderstorm roll though last night, just after we went to bed...needless to say Boo didn't like the thunder and lightning and we had a wee bit of trouble sleeping.  But, I do like the sound of rain on the roof.

This morning we have sunshine and the grass glistens with last nights rainfall.  Very pretty!

Yesterday we decided to head out to buy some potting soil and bread.  Jim had dusted off the truck and did some chores outside after breakfast and when he came in he said "I'm Ready!" "lets go"  So we both changed clothes and since it was almost lunchtime decided to stop in Hastings for lunch at a new place for us.  Unfortunately, the restaurant we wanted to check out wasn't open!  So, Jim just kept driving east towards St. should see the corn fields!  I'd say about three feet high and I'm sure last nights rain helped.

Though it wasn't a new stop for us we decided to have lunch at Panera Bread.  Then we popped into Bed, Bath and Beyond for a soda canister.  And then..........

We hit the St. Augustine Outlet Malls!  First time since we've been in this area. I'm  afraid we went a little bit crazy and spent to much money, but it sure was fun.  I've been looking for a pair of sandals and after several stores I found a pair at Easy Spirit.  Discovered the Corningware Corelle store and picked up some matching microwave bowls and serving, storage bowls that match my new Bamboo  dishes.  And don't you know, they gave me a coupon for future purchases!  LOL

Jim popped into Crocs and picked up two pair. He just loves these shoes and says they're each his own.

For reasons I can't explain this Outlet Mall is on two sides of I-95 and across the highway Jim spotted the Gander Mountain store.  It's not part of the Outlet Mall but he needed some gun cleaning items and while he was looking in that department I checked out the clothes and managed to find two purses, a pair of shorts and a Hat That Fits!

After all that buying we decided to save shopping at other stores for another time....After all, we'll be here for awhile....we need to pay off the bills!

Apparently we need to stay out of big cities for here in Welaka, which is remote, made us go crazy!!!

Last week Jim had a bout of vertigo which is pretty much gone now but it sure makes for interesting days.  When he wasn't working he was sleeping.  Not very exciting for either one of us.

Boo is still battling....I don't know what......but if we keep him dosed up he scratches and licks less.  I've found some scabs but no more fleas.  I'm sure he gets tired of me looking all over his body for new hot spots and fleas.  He avoids me when I come near him :-(