Friday, May 31, 2013

St Augustine/Doctor

El Galeon

Last Friday Jim had an appointment in St Augustine with a dermatologist to have more pre-cancerous lesions zapped (frozen) on his head.  This project had been started when we were in Mission and I think this may be the last of it. He also had some 'age barnacles' may recall some flat brown moles on his head....the Doctor called them that!  For an 'old salt' that's the perfect thing to call them!!

Jim is healing nicely and for the most part this time around was easier on him.  

Since we were already there we decided to head to the harbor to see El Galeon try to get a picture.  That ship is huge!  We ended up crossing the Bridge of Lions and taking the above picture from an empty lot across the way.  It would have been nice to tour it but the crowds were thick and parking our beastie can be a hassle and I wasn't up to walking long distances in the heat to see it.

After that we drove south and stopped in Flagler Beach for a late lunch at the Golden Lion. Pretty neat place to eat,we sat topside in an open air patio setting overlooking the highway and beach.  Great place to people watch and enjoy lunch.  Sure were a lot of pale folks getting sunburned!

Did you have a great Memorial Weekend?  Here at the Tiki Bar they did a booming business!  Live entertainment, the grill was hot and the tables were full of celebrants.  

Jim worked Sunday and Monday but we celebrated our 39 years together Monday evening with a traditional spaghetti dinner.  Thirty nine years ago I invited him over to dinner and we've been together ever since!

Tuesday Jim got up on the roof and pressured washed it. Being under an oak tree has disadvantages too.  It was also black tank day so he was busy.  
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