Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's December already!

I'm not sure where the time goes. Our daily lives are pretty much the same. We get up, do chores and go to bed. In between we read, watch TV and play games on our computers. Every few days we go shopping. Pretty boring!

We did go for a ride on the bike trail the other day and I finally made it to Conway. Now this is an achievement for me. The round trip is almost 10 miles but I haven't done much riding and my first attempt ended short of that goal. In my defense it was very warm the first time I tried and I don't like hot weather.

December first saw the largest influx of rigs for our resort. All day long they were coming in. It's almost like going to an RV show and seeing all the different sizes, styles and color of rigs! We now have neighbors on both sides of us. Still the resort has a few empty sites. I know some folks won't arrive until after Christmas.

Last Sunday we went out to lunch at BJ's where we met up with old friends and new friends. Marilyn and Ed Dray arrived before us bringing Janet and Bob (new to full timing) and while we caught up in the chilly wind Joyce and Roger showed up. We four couples have DRV Mobile Suites. So it was a mini rally! LOL We had a grand time eating and chatting.