Thursday, March 17, 2011

Repairs and Sickness

A couple days ago Jim started to investigate a water leak. When he got up yesterday he determined it was the hot water tank.

So yesterday Jim spent the day taking the hot water tank out of our rig. thank goodness we have friends that know how to repair things. With help from Scotty, Jim was able to remove the tank, find the leak and determine the fix. A local shop was able to solder the seam. Jim then cleaned it up and painted it. We had to shower at the bathhouse last night and I have to admit I really don't like the nubby mats that keep you from slipping in the shower. It hurt my feet! It was like walking on gravel....

Jim had showered and shaved earlier and by early evening he was a whooped puppy. As the evening wore on I told him to go to bed.

Last night Jim got sick! Up all night and spending it on the toilet....whatever it was has passed through his system and he's sleeping it off. Scotty has been a true friend and got the tank back in, turned the water on and once again we have hot water! I told Scotty that Jim would clean up the tools and mess and don't you know, he cleaned it himself! Couldn't ask for a better friend!

I spent a good part of the day doing laundry. That is when I had water.... :) Changed the sheets on the bed. Our Mail from Escapees arrived today, I do love my mail.

Jim has ha some rice and water but not anything else. So far everything is good. I expect he'll be heading off to bed soon