Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gloomy day

So the first day of Daylight Savings starts gloomy...and humid! Jim is working and I'm watching cooking shows, they make me want to get into the kitchen and try new dishes.

Gorgeous while it lasted!
Friday night Jim and I went to Joyce and Al's for a get together with four other couples to celebrate Jeni's birthday. I was told not to bring anything but next time I will! Two of the couples are work campers and we'll (I'll) get to know them better next season. They had starters, crackers with cheese and dips, some pretzels and nuts. Burgers were the main attraction and once the sun went down we needed some hot food! After all this a cake was brought out and along with some brownies and another pineapple cake we had dessert.
Last night we had Italian night at the clubhouse. All tables were taken and each table had 4 couples. At our table we had lasagna, chicken tortellini with pesto or marinara sauce, pepperoni bread, garlic bread sticks and two pies (butterscotch and pecan). I took a anti pasta plate and while there were leftovers no one went home hungry!

Why is it that food is the basis of all our entertainment? My waistline shows it! Today we'll eat at home but another patio party is scheduled for tomorrow!