Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas Update

Not sure if I ever mentioned our Christmas.  We did exchange gifts and had fun opening presents.  Jim went to Amazon and checked my wish list...I did the same for him :-)

I wanted an Aero Garden and because we live tiny I requested the small one.  I would love to have a bigger one but this will do for now.

I planted it up the day after Christmas.  Not really difficult, pour water in reservoir, add liquid food and pop the pods in the holes and cover!

The art work to the left was made by my good friend Anne Scott.  She tumbled the glass and 'found' the twigs. It's a clothesline with laundry!  When we visit her in Vermont we hang out clothes to dry, this is to remind me of good times shared with her.

I also wanted a new diffuser.  My old one had a crack in the water well and I didn't use it as often as I'd like to.  Also the old one had a light that was on all the time.  This new one has the option of turning off the light.  So far I've enjoyed the ever changing light it cycles through.

This is what two weeks of growth look like.  Lettuce on the left which I've been harvesting a leaf or two at a time.  Parsley in the center which just now appeared!  Savory on the right which I've also pinched back on one plant.  The instructions say to pinch back and harvest often so you can keep the light 1-2 inches above the plants.  Not sure how that will work with the lettuce and parsley!  

I also got a set of Oxo nesting seven piece measuring beakers.  Perfect for our space!  

Sonsearae and Chris sent us a lovely basket from Harry and David and we're still enjoying the treats.

I gave Jim a couple items from his list but to be perfectly honest I can't remember what!  I know one was a solar charger, flashlight thingy.  But the other one??  I don't know.  I don't see these items daily so I've forgotten!

We had winter weather last weekend and we stayed cozy inside the rig.  We did venture out for walks and I enjoyed them very much!  We put on our heavy coats and complained about the cold and wind but got some exercise to break up the days

Our truck is still in the shop.  Part of the work has been done but the mechanic was in an accident and he probably missed a couple days because of bruising.

We rode our trikes over to the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.  Hello!  we've not ridden in a log while and we felt it in our thighs.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it because of my 'questionable hip'.  But I managed to get in and out without pain.  Score one for me!  Although I did feel like an old lady walking up the ramp for the hawk tower.  Took a few minutes to get my sea legs back.

Today is our last day off, back to work tomorrow.  The weather did warm up Monday and by Tuesday we were back to nice, windy weather.  So windy that sitting outside was not fun.  It dries your eyes and you can't even read.

All is right in our world!