Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me!

We've been in the Rio Grande Valley for just over a month, about five weeks and since day one I've been bitten!

Mosquitoes bite me and I don't know til the next day when a bump pops up.  It rarely bothers me and goes away quickly. 

Fire ants are another problem altogether.  Located in most southern states one does everything they can to avoid them.  When you step into their path or mound they let you know by swarming all over your foot/feet.  Their bite is painful and results in a painful blister that can itch but goes away with treatment of tea tree oil.

But something else is plaguing me.  I have no idea what is biting me but it raises a welt with a surrounding red area that oozes and itches.  I've had at least twenty of these bites and it's very uncomfortable to wear clothes.  The clothing rubs on the infected area and makes it itch more. Over time these bites have been on my calf, my thighs, my back, abdomen and various private parts of my body. 

Even Boo is being bitten with the same results.  He had one over his left eye that oozed and made his face very messy. I couldn't seem to keep him clean.  Other bites are under his chin, near his tail, on his chest and a series of them on his head

Jim does not seem to be bothered by this vile creature!

I think Boo and I will just stay indoors the rest of our time here....

All is not right in my world!