Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Converter not Converting!

Sunday evening about an hour before we went to bed we both noticed the lights were dimming....not good!  I'm sure as Jim was trying to go to sleep he was thinking about how to go about fixing this problem.

Monday after breakfast he tackled the batteries and converter.  Scotty came over and between them figured out the converter was dead.  A new one has been ordered.  Meanwhile, we have no lights, AC or furnace and we can't put the awning out.  Good thing our weather is a bit chilly right now!  Having full sun all morning on the door side makes it get warm when the temperature goes above 75 or so.

Jim had stayed inside all weekend not feeling well.  So this was his first time outside and I'm sure he would have preferred not working.

We have a dear friend, down in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas), who's been under the weather .  On Sunday her husband posted a couple pictures on Facebook and all her friends and family got to see Miss Jeni, it sure was nice to see her smiling face!  She has some rehab to do and we're all hoping and praying that she gets well soon.  We love you Jeni!

The news from Orlando is very sad.  There doesn't seem to be an end to these senseless killings.  Tolerance doesn't seem to be taught. It's only a handful, out of millions of people, who perpetrate these crimes against humanity and it saddens me.  I was taught to accept others for who they are, not their religion, color or country of origin.  I have no solution to offer, but the warmongers would have us fighting against something that will never go away as long as parents across countries and religions don't teach tolerance and understanding.

Monday had us with another gloomy start.  No matter, the four of us drove into Rutland for appointments, lunch and shopping.

Tried a new Chinese restaurant and the four of us had a good lunch.  Of course the conversation was good too!  Scotty stopped at a fabricators for something or other.  It will be used on the building.  Anne and I went grocery shopping and Jim stopped in Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy me a towel.

Got back home shortly after 1600 in time to feed Boo his dinner.  Since it was cold we stayed indoors.  No happy hour, besides I think we were all stuffed from our late lunch!

A quiet evening mostly because I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch on TV.  We occupied ourselves with the internet and playing games. I've only an OTT lamp for crafting and I turned it on after the sun went down.  I didn't fancy sitting around with only the lights from our laptops!

I miss the Great Horned owls we had in the backyard in Indiantown, Florida.  Anne says there are owls here in Vermont, but I've not heard any.

All is right in our world