Thursday, August 20, 2015

do you exercise?

Do any of my readers exercise?  

I have a Fitbit and I've worn it for about two years.  We were in Welaka when I got it  and truthfully I got it because it's a lovely green zip.   I did think it might help me be less sedentary...but that hasn't happened.  For the most part I average 2000 - 3000 steps a day and I'm being generous!

I walk with Jim at the mall because it's good for me and I want to encourage him.  But it's to hot to walk outside and I hate getting all sweaty.  Walking to the mailbox and back is about 300 steps.  I do that several times a week.  If you have a Fitbit and want to add me, send a request!  I am almost always at the bottom of the standings.

Jim has been pressure washing the rig.  A couple days ago we had a humdinger of a storm barrel through and water came in above my window.  This has happened before and the culprit is the scare light.  It needed to be resealed.  Because the gutters had so many pine needles water was dammed and running down the rig right past the light and onto the window.  Jim removed the blind, and window frame and we both caught water with a cloth.  I'm sure the insulation has gotten wet but there isn't much we can do about that.

Yesterday he resealed the light and started washing the  rig.  It's gets a bit moldy in the damp weather.  He wants to get up on the roof too...maybe tomorrow.

Where were you a year ago?  We were in Vermont with our good friends Anne and Scotty.  Farmer's Markets, Burdock Parades and shopping occupied our time.  Concerts in the Fair Haven park and seeing the sites!  Loved our time there.

Could have done without Jim's bypasses but at least he's doing better and he should be able to stick around for awhile longer.

We've decided to stay here for the winter season.  Chris and Sonsearae are wonderful hosts and said we could stay as long as we want.  

The saga of the refrigerator is still a question.  We've ordered a residential fridge and it will be delivered the 10th of September, God willing and the creek don't rise!  We'll keep it in the house until we can get carpenters out to fit it in the designated spot.  I'll be losing the pan drawer and I'm thinking maybe we'll remove the fireplace and use that space for storage.  Of course that will only happen if we can have the carpenter help with doors and shelves.

All is right in our world